11 July 2010

Spikefest II

Work was cancelled Friday, so packed up early & rolled to Como to set up camp & loosen up the legs. A few of us took Gold Dust up to Boreas Pass & back for a sample of what Saturday would bring.

I even stopped to smell the flowers coming down the top section of GD. 

Sweet start to the w/end!

Saturday, 05:45
Spike, guac & I pedaled the bottom section of GD to meet up with PBRMe, MGE & canyonrat. Mateo, ThatGuy & Troy met us all in the big red truck & we loaded up & shuttled up to our starting point.

Shuttling is for long-travel bikes!

MGE starting out.

Canyonrat going for it.

Art is anything you can get away with.

This is the man to blame.

Sallie's machinery.

Just as we bottomed out in Breck, the thunder & darkening skies got us thinking. Fortunately, the brewpub was already in the plans. Minutes after stepping in & grabbing a table, the sky opened up. We pondered our options while waiting out the downpour. As calories were consumed, the blue sky opened up to us again. We split up into 2 groups at that point: MGE, PBR, Canyonrat & Troy took the quick route straight over Aurora Borealis Pass in order to make a quick exit: while spike, mateo, ffej & I followed the 'official' shorter route. This route didn't seem nearly as punishing the last time we did it, but today threw out many more miles & hours up to this climb.

 You know he wants to take us up this.

Our fearless leader.

Mateo looks very pleased to almost be back at camp.

Rolling through the flumey zone of GD, I said to spike, "I love this section of trail, but damn, I'm ready for it to end."
That kinda sums up a spikefest in 1 sentence.

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