11 February 2012

3 Sisters w/3 Brothers

Trails conditions improved over the week. 70% ride, 30% hike Monday afternoon at Green Mountain. Condition were almost the same for Thursday night T.I.T.S. ride, but the company & refreshments always made iffy conditions fun. We figured (hoped) the snow-shoers would be in force this week at 3 Sisters, so hit it up early.
This was not a good sign
Sean back at it
Kevin had very few issues with traction 
Bobby's ghost-bike
Brothers Lookout
Bobby rocks the rocks
Kevin's 1 issue with traction
Sean all smiles
As for the single-digit weather....still no need for gloves since stitching together my pogies. Once we got moving & in the sun, it felt like it was at least 15°f.  Good times!
This scouting ride showed us which trails to avoid, so back to it tomorrow with a better idea of a hike-free route.

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