04 January 2012

It's getting hot in here..........

Seeing scar ride bare-handed on Sunday got me motivated to do some sewing & update from my Homeless Guy Pogies V1.0 to a fashionable set of insulated bar mitts. Sliced up an old Goodwill-bound jacket the other day & started experimenting. Since it was getting warm down here, PBRMe! & I headed out to Meyer Ranch for a quickie this morning.
Looks almost acceptable
I put a kid's wheel on the back today.
Sunn Doublewide w/WTB Weirwolf 2.5" on the rear. Same 20t cog I push on my wagon wheel, so should be a touch easier, but factor in the more than 2# of extra weight added in the swap...it evened out on the climbs. I did end up with some really low pressure tho.
Stay on the hard-pack....or else.
I pulled a Superman when I came into a switchback way too hot and my front wheel the deep stuff, instantly stopping & catapulting me over the front.....good times!
Kevin enjoying the sunshine.
We're outta here.
It was in the high-40s, so today wasn't a good test. My bare hands were sweating pretty good, and I need to make some minor adjustments, but I believe I'm finally ready for the cold weather.

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