25 November 2011

November in S. Lakewood

Steve's neighbor came walking over with this old beater: unfortunately for Steve, but fortunately for me it is a 62cm frame. Tubes, tires, grip tape & she's rocking.

1982 Ultratour 18, that means it's got a triple!
They loved skinny bars back in the 80's!! That, along with the raaaaaked-out fork made it a bit sketchy on the 1st few rides. At least it's motivation for me to get my frame finished & put together.

Thanksgiving 2011
I gave up trying to pedal up this section long ago.
Be heading up that service road on the left for a taste of rocks.
I can see the Audi from here.
Ho ho ho Easter Bunny!
Tofruky, doesn't that look appetizing? No need to answer.
My Black Friday: Pedaled to Avanza for dulce de leche, Novo for beans & REI to replace a broken pump with a mo' fancier one. Dealt with horrible wind in the face the entire way back from Platte river - the day started out cloudy, but thanks to the wind, it's back to its normal CO blue.

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