11 October 2011


Some more Pike's Peak pix from Boomer - here

Todd & I got out to pedal all but one day of his stay. Made a bad call on the way to 3 Sisters Thursday afternoon - as we got near Lair'o the Bear we saw Darkness ahead, and lots of it. I figured rain was rolling in for the night, so decided to hit LoB for a quickie to beat it. 
Soaked pretty good about 1/2 mile in.
Then, after another 20 minutes, we were all dried off & pedaling towards the O'Fallon side. 
The Mechanical Bull
Friday was our day off the bikes. We just rolled down the street to visit our friendly neighborhood distiller.
I'd be thrilled with just one of those.

Friday's breakfast

Some real freakin' good-old-timey punk rock Saturday night. Did I mention they played a really good set?

I sadly missed beanfeSSt VIII............although v8.2 may take place this weekend. Hope to work it into the schedule.

Much more sadly - Kibbe is still MIA. The entire household is missing her so much!
I could really handle a miraculous journey home by her right now.

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