19 August 2011

Eastbound & Down.......

5 days at 11' elevation
Start out with a nice base burn.
Walking shoes
South Jersey delivered:  we fressed at Crab Trap (w/a 2hr wait spent at the bar), Angelioni's (excellent,as always) & Phillip's (caught it on 50% off wine night). Rolled out of NJ to central PA for another 5 days at 400'. 1st stop in the 'burgh was for supplies, then to my sis's house to chill for a few days.

Todd decided to camp out on the porch after a long night of brews.
 Experiencing Turkey Hill was extremely overrated.
The 'Chill Room'
Saw some exploited workers in Hershey. 

Had a pie that easily put any I've tried in CO to shame, inhaled some of my favorite hometown treats, and hit up the Brew House for Tuesday night snow crab legs before returning to the grind.

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