07 July 2011

Oooooh that smell.

The veggies have begun. Lotsa salads have gnawed & I'm trying to come up with more ways to eat lettuce. Mally's garlic collection is coming along quite nicely.

That basement smells funky.

Wore out some stuff in the past few weeks, & got it all finalized last night. Got an unbelievable amount of time out of my WI chain ring - almost 18 months! Sure the SS chainline causes much less wear, but I found that there is a limit....especially if you as mass advantaged as me. Also had to replace a trashed rear tire & finally got it slapped on last night. Fresh meat looks so good!!

Stand back! I'm packing 2.4" in the rear.

And fortunately, it all came together just in time for the hippest, most- anticipated cycling event of the season. Car is packed, bikes are ready, rain's pouring down. Let's get gung ho!

Spikefest or bust!

Had a few good pedals up higher lately (4th of July spin & another w/PBR), so hopefully that helps lessen the inevitable pain.


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