13 October 2010

Back in the Saddle?

Blame it on Lance.

Lance came to town to announce the CO stage race for next year & then proceeded to do a little spin with a few thousand local yokels, Steve & I being 2 of them. In the evening, I headed down to IC to meet up for an evening ride with BadAndy, guacomole, ko, kedith & besoft. Miraculously skirted the rain all night, but I couldn't negotiate going just a few inches off trail & slammed myself real hard trying to countersteer. Being 1 of those w/out healthcare, I had to diagnose myself - a cracked rib or 2 & some other miscellaneous bumps. Lovely!

The next day, mom flew out for an extended weekend & had a bl'ast! We hit Mt Evans, Pikes Peak and some local sights. She's already wanting to come back & check out more. Now if I can somehow get a Denver mattress to PA, she'll be set. She fell in love with the office bed & is in search of an equal. We went up yonder way during her visit.......

Also saw some old punks back come back for another go. Warlock Pinchers for 2 nights w/Dale Crover on the drums....and for the icing on the cake, Melvins [lite] would play on the Saturday bill. Couldn't pass up this, so I off head to the Gothic, arriving as Buzz & Dale finish their set. Dammit!
Then, to add insult to injury, Warlock Pinchers thanked them for opening for'em at the Lion's Lair on Thursday night, of which I had no idea. Double drats!
WP ended up playing 4 days straight over the w/end, and Melvins [lite] 2x. Still turned out to be a great show despite missing Buzz & Dale.'Itchy-O Marching Band' appeared just before the Pinchers & rocked it!
Itchy-O Marching Band from Mixtec Media on Vimeo.

The in-laws arrived the following week, so it was time to be a touron for a bit again. Checked out Royal Gorge, good stuff.

The old-school punk continued as C.O.C. rolled through, back to their best line-up of Woody, Mike & Reed....and they were doing Animosity/Technocracy stuff, plus some new tunes. Good stuff, but lacking the intense, snarling vocals of the original Animosity tour.

Felt like my ribs were getting there, so I twisted Steve's arm for a road pedal w/me over Lookout, so we could bomb down Grapevine & back home thru Morrison. Didn't know road riding could make you hurt, guess that's what 6 weeks off does to the body. I ain't the only that hurt, b/c I found my beloved Peugeot now had a new crack on the left chainstay to match that on the right (repaired 4 yrs ago). R.I.P.  (1985-2010)
Steve came to the rescue, XVelo #002 was passed to me to get built up so I could keep rolling. (Merci mille fois!!) It took some tinkering, parts swapping, a few new parts, & various minor mods, but #2 is finally resurrected.

As for MTB, I finally got the Rig back out to the local trail, GM/DR a few times, & was slowly getting back into it, even making it to a T.I.T.S. ride at BC, and feeling pretty good riding! Then, a few days later, I awoke to some horrible back spasms that put me out again for about another week. Damn!! Looks like I'll be heading to beanfeSSt totally out of shape, but not as drunk as last year at least.

Pedaling at beanfeSSt was good.........I'm think I'm finally back on it....fingers crossed.

Food & libations last night pleased us........

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