20 June 2010

Summer's here.....

The Mercury is rising, & so am I.
At least in elevation, we got above Idaho Springs last week, led by the Goat up a loooong dirt road, then down the gnarly Warren Gulch trail in the dark.

We rode up above that waterfall & it was cool.

Good stuff!
After reading of the road up Waterton Canyon closing soon, I felt compelled to hit up that & some Indian Creek Friday afternoon. Did the 'long loop' around & was spent afterwards.

Saturday brought me to BC, as the Bailey Hundo was in effect - no chance of me riding it myself, just went to support/cheer on spike, as well as others I recognized (The Chad, Nate, Looney). Spike came through Aid #3 looking/feeling good.

Go spike, do a wheelie!!

He took off, so Bryan & I put in a quickie pedal around GM, down Tramway then back up Gashouse & followed the course markings along Millers, Charlie's & Sandy Wash. A nice easy pedal felt good after feeling like Hell the previous night.

Sunday, I had an urge to get really high, so I headed to Kenosha to see if I was able to make it to GA Pass or not. Recent reports & weather had me thinking it would be all clear.

No surprises yet......

Above treeline & looking good. Only 3 drifts just before this, which were easily passed.

Almost there........the breaks were becoming much more frequent.

Mandatory cheeseball pose.....

2 SS dudes I ran into near lunch rock, who smoked me on the way up there. They had a Father's Day kitchen pass & rolled Kenosha-Breck. Heard reports of 1/2 mile of drifts close ahead, but they decided to go for it. Hope ya made it, gents!!

Horribly slow time up & back, but glad that I made it up so early in the year. Everything on the north side will be definitely be gone by the time Spikefest rolls around....no slogging over a dozen 5' drifts this year!!

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  1. Thats good to hear! Maybe we can beat the 12hr mark!