08 January 2010

Back in the Day

April 23(?), 1983
Went to my 1st hardcore show - Skank Magazine presented Hardcore for Central PA #1 w/Crucifix, White Cross, Rat-at-Rat-R & 1 other band for $5.
Mohawks, spiked hair, shaved heads, leather, tattered flannel & loud, fast music......my entry to the beautiful world of punk shows, which took up many a night over the next many years. Grew up in the 17319, which was conveniently located to see some great shows (1hr to Baltimore, 2hrs to DC, 1.2hrs to Philly), so when I was forewarned of a show & had off work, we would load up someone's car & make a quick road trip.

In 1983, Crucifix released this excellent EP, Dehumanization. (lyrics)

Download here.

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