19 December 2009

Winter Blues

Saw the temps would be low enough to pedal if I got my ass out of bed early in the am, but when that time came around, I had lost any sense of motivastion, so surfed a lot of couch this week.

Finally watched The Cove last night & that was nasty. Traditional Japanese culture my ass!

Fun Fact:
Too many to just be a coincidence, did you ever notice that
Dischord Records catalog numbers that are even multiples of ten
(i.e. Dischord Records #10, 20, 30, etc.) are all releases from
bands that the label's founder, Ian MacKaye, played in? Here's
the list:

#10. Minor Threat "Out Of Step" 12"ep
#20. Egg Hunt "S/T" 7"
#30. Fugazi "S/T" 12"ep
#40. Minor Threat "Complete Discography" CD
#50. Skewbald/Grand Union 7"
#60. Fugazi "Steady Diet Of Nothing" LP
#70. Fugazi "In On The Killtaker" LP
#80. Fugazi "Instrument" DVD
#90. Fugazi "Red Medicine" LP
#100. Teen Idles "S/T" 7"
#110. Fugazi "End Hits" LP
#120. Fugazi "Instrument Of Sound" LP
#130. Fugazi "The Argument" LP
#140. Minor Threat "First Demo Tape" 7"
#150. The Evens "S/T" LP
#160. The Evens "Get Evens" LP

Not all of Ian's bands' releases on Dischord follow this
formula, however, as there are a few of them with catalog
numbers that don't end with zero, such as the Minor Threat
"Salad Days" 7" (#15) and the Embrace LP (#24) but it is
enough to make you wonder what Dischord 170 is going to be.

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