08 November 2009

It's mid-November!?

What a great w/end!!
After seeing the soupy conditions at GM Thursday night, decided to skip the Pint-to-Pint & instead roll to Buff Creek, & that was a good call! e & I planned on meting up w/Spike & rolling around 9am. Got to the lot & Jerry was there. While getting ready 'The Chad' & his buddies, Gavin & Kevin showed up. Hit up the ole' standby route & had perfect trails/temps for the next 3.5 hrs. Finished a little after noon-ish, so we rolled by mateo's after to throw some dirt around the pump track, as well as throw in a few laps. It's getting there, should be FUN when it's all set.

Had dinner plans to meet some friends & hit Saigon Bowl for the 1st time. Packed to the gills when we arrived, which was a good sign. The menu is big & has lots & lots of tasty-looking dishes listed. Went for a seafood curry & it was excellent! Sorry, Pho 555, got a new place that'll be calling my name for quite some time.

Sunday morning, we packed up & rolled north, past the Republic of Boulder, to hit Heil-Picture Rock-Hall. Eric kept mentioning that it was so nice to roll at a leisurely pace, but I was on full race pace to keep that crew in sight! I am NOT a fan of that climb out of Lyons to get back to the top of Heil!!!

Listen up sports fans, did you know that swine flu is as much a killer as leprosy? Panic panic!!

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