20 September 2009

The couch worked me over

Got out on the wheeler again............finally!
Joined up for the T.I.T.S. ride Friday @ BC. & it hurt. Not cuz of BC, but b/c I suck. I was huffing & puffing straight away. 2 weeks off hurt me! Rolled most of it backwards & it wasn't bad a t all - up Sandy Wash, out Buck, climbed up Strawberry, then bombed Baldy. Wow! Baldy is great going down. Got in about 21.6 miles & 2,300' of vert.

Met up w/canyonrat after I finished work today & we rolled up Waterton, then did all of Indian Creek. 'Twas my 1st time doing 800 the whole way & it was a bl'ast!
Sunday afternoon = most crowded time I've ridden there but still not bad at all.

Be careful out there!

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