12 April 2009

Slashed & trashed

Headed out w/Steve yesterday to roll through Green Mt, but more specifically to get over to Dakota Ridge to play in the rocks. Our day didn't turn out too well. First hill we head up & his chain blows. I thought this was a bad sign since we were heading towards a bigger hill at the moment. Got there & I hear him yell....yep, ride done & walking time.

Steve headed back, half-walking, half-coasting & I rolled up Zorro, dabbing on that stinking left-handed switchback, which I've cleaned smoothly only 1 or 2 times so far. Hung a left & rolled through the techy stuff, fun as usual, following another large rider, who showed some nice skills, and a few lines I didn't notice before.

Popped out on the road & rolled up o the other side to notice that my goop was starting to leak outta the sidewall of my WTBWWLT, I noticed it when I Stan'sed the tire & was hoping this wouldn't happen. Wouldn't hold up at all, so called home for my saviour to scoop me up on the way back home.

The rain kicked in today, so I blew off the spin I wanted to do. Did enjoy some Affligem while enjoying the Paris-Roubaix. I caught a pretty good buzz, so the day wasn't a total loss.

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